Lingering Leaves 12.6.13

Leaf_1_webLingering Leaves are our top picks from the blog and news sources we follow. Here are some fresh-picked posts from this week – they stuck with us, so we’re passing them on to you for your inspiration, consideration, or just for fun!

The Church

W. David O. Taylor shares why artists belong in the church nursery, on Christianity Today’s blog.

Matt Sigler comments on where contemporary worship lost its way, and how we might get back, on Seedbed.

The Academy

In a recent interview for Religion and Politics, journalist and scholar Molly Worthen talks about the intellectual civil war within evangelicalism.

The World

Donald Messer reports on the possibilities of saving more lives in Asia and the Pacific by providing early anti-retroviral treatment for those with HIV, on UMConnections.

The Culture

Cathy Lynn Grossman shares that more give to religious causes on Giving Tuesday than realize it, on Religion News Service.

The Kingdom

Marilyn Elliot contemplates Advent in our everyday stories, and explores telling the story, and being the story, on her blog.

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